Why choose AO student loans?

Assess your loan requirements

Apply Once is equipped with all the information required for assessing your loan needs, with a few clicks.

check eligibility and match with lenders

AO loan counsellors can help assess your eligibility and match with relevant lenders and loan products.

get support with your loan application

Apply Once can help you make the tedious task of loan application filling easy and convenient.


Get an education loan with Apply Once in 3 easy steps

1. Register

Sign up and create your profile along with your budget.

2. Fill Loan request form

Complete filling the AO loan request form with all the necessary details.

3. Get support from AO Loan counsellors

Work with AO loan counsellors to identify best loan options available for you and secure loan approvals.

Career Dream Funded!


Frequently asked questions

Through a loan request application form, share a few details for us to understand your requirements and assess your eligibility. Our counsellors will work with the financial institutions to get the best loan options available.
The process is quite simple. Open the loan request application form, fill in a few basic details and submit it. AO loan counsellors will get in touch with you.
On the dashboard of your Apply Once account, you will find ‘Student Loans’ section in the main menu.
AO loan counsellors have all the experience needed to understand your requirements and identify the right loan options for you. They will help you with estimating costs such as tuition, living, and others for course and provider options that you are pursuing. This background is highly essential so that you don't overestimate or underestimate your loan requirement.
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