Rewarding students all along their journey


Registered institutions and agents worldwide will have access to the AO portal to set up their scholarships and rewards.

2. Your guide to earning rewards & scholarships

Students will be informed about opportunities and activities that can help them earn AO rewards.

3. Rewards processing

Based on the rules set up on the rewards program, AO rewards engine will identify qualifying activity and disbursement events to transfer rewards to wallets of AO users.

4. Usage of AO COIN rewards

AO coin rewards will be credited to the AO rewards of the students. Depending on type of the reward, students will be able to use these rewards for paying fees to institutions or pay for services consumed on AO portal or even transfer to their bank account.


Get the most with our rewards programme

Apply Once uses Blockchain to maintain all rewards and wallet-related transactions. This makes the AO rewards engine an ideal platform to run multi-player reward programmes in a scalable, transparent and decentralized manner.


Reward programmes can be launched in order to motivate students to utilize your services while making it easier to help them identify earning opportunities and choosing their courses.



Make scholarship and discounting programmes more visible to students across to globe using our platform.

SET UP scholarships


Our platform provides opportunities for earning while learning right from the admission process to all the way to graduation.

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Frequently asked questions

AO rewards are the cash benefits earned by students during their tenure on Apply Once portal. Credited to their respective smart crypto wallets in the form of AO coins, these rewards can be pocketed by engaging in admission-related activities, credential verification, fee payments, referral programs, registration and more.
Based on the type (ATM, PROMO) and activity through which they are earned (tuition, application, verification, etc), the expiry date varies from coin to coin. However, AO ATM coins can be used for all purposes anytime without the prospect of expiry.

Meanwhile, all AO reward coins (AOR) earned or purchased on Apply Once portal will be securely stored in the smart crypto wallet assigned to every user.

Yes, rewards can be encashed by transferring to your bank account or external crypto wallets. However, not all rewards will have this privilege. While AO ATM coins are eligible for the above, AO Promotional coins cannot be transferred to bank accounts or wallets.
Yes. Rewards, earned or purchased in the form of coins, can be used by students for multiple purposes like paying fees to universities, agents, converting rewards to real-time currency by transferring to bank account, paying for the services consumed on AO portal, and more. However, depending on the type, some reward coins are bound to have restrictions in terms of usage and expiry.
AO Coins are ERC-20 tokens with a fixed value with reference to US dollars.

1 AO Coin = 1 USD

Yes. AO coin rewards can directly be purchased in the portal with the currency of your choice. There are also multiple payment methods through which the transaction can be done without any hassle. Once the payment is successful, purchased coins will be instantly credited in your ‘AO ATM Coins’ balance under ‘Wallet Summary’.
AO’s primary mission is to make global education affordable and accessible for everyone. In line with this, we offer reward programs such as scholarships, services, cashback and provider promotions on the portal. All aspirants wanting to pursue education globally can benefit from these programs to make their journey more rewarding and economical.

Universities and agents will also set up various incentive programs for students to keep them motivated throughout the admission process.

On the dashboard of your Apply Once account, you will find ‘My Rewards’ section that showcases all your active and complete rewards. Along with the total number of AO ATM Coins and AO Promo Coins, you’ll notice a list of available reward programmes towards the bottom of the page.

Check into ‘My Wallet’ and get a detailed view of your rewards that are classified into Free AO Coins and Special AO Coins.

AO Reward coins (ATM and Promo coins) are ERC-20 tokens issued and managed using Ethereum platform. Due to the underlying blockchain technology, Ethereum offers benefits of security and immutability. Launched in 2015, it has become one of the driving forces behind the popularity of cryptocurrency.
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