Our AO wallet helps students save and earn money


Every student will be assigned a smart crypto wallet that will store AO rewards that they have earned or purchased through the Apply Once platform.

1 AO COIn = 1 USD

When students earn 1 AO reward, they earn 1USD, when students spend 1AO reward they spend 1USD. Students can also choose to buy additional AO rewards on the platform.


Students can simply earn more AO rewards by participating in activities such as registration, referral programmes and reward schemes set up by an agent or an institution.


Crypto-based payments provide alternate channels to transfer funds to overseas universities. AO rewards can be used to make payments to providers & agents for application, tuition or other service fees.


Charges associated with crypto channels are about 50% lower than usual banking mechanisms.


Our wallet allows you to convert AO coins to any speculative crypto coins & benefit from price appreciation, stake such coins for earning, lend coins for interest income etc. And don’t worry, these coins can always be transferred to external wallets and vice-versa.

  • Transfer coins to and from your bank or external wallets

    Ability to buy coins from banks

  • Ability to transfer coins from external wallets

  • Use coins to avail services on the portal

  • Use coins to pay agents and universities fees

  • Encash coins directly to your bank accounts

  • Transfer coins to your wallets

Types of AO coins

ATM AO coins

  • As the name suggest, ATM AO coins can be used anytime for any purpose.
  • Such rewards can be earned when the you performs various activities on our portal like registration, reward scheme etc.
  • Can be transferred to your own cryptowallet outside or equivalent value of the rewards to your bank account.


  • Promotional AO coin reward schemes by institutions, agents or Apply once platform are generally time and promotion bound. Promotional coins encourage students to perform a specific task like completing verification of documents, applying to universities or paying tuition fees etc.
  • Promotion reward coins can have one or more restrictions. Cannot be used for any purpose and has usage and/or time related restrictions. So please do read the reward schemes carefully.
  • Also promotional coins cannot be transferred to external wallets. So there you cannot redeem the coins in dollars.

Agents and institutions can enjoy the benefits of AO coins

In the ever-evolving world of crypto, Apply Once helps students to transact in cryptocurrency from any country for student application and services, leading the education industry into the future of secure online payments.


Agents and institutions can use the wallet to make transactions on the platform such as funding reward programs.


Agents and institutions can collect various fees for the services they provide through AO coins.

Frequently asked questions

There are two types of AO Coins: ATM and PROMOTIONAL

Earned through performing various activities on Apply Once portal, ATM coins can be used for all purposes anytime without the prospect of expiry. They can be directly transferred to bank accounts and external crypto wallets. They can also be purchased on AO platform with exciting cashback opportunities.

Earned through performing specific tasks on Apply Once portal like paying tuition fees and getting academic credentials verified, Promotional coins cannot be used for all purposes and are time-bound. They cannot be transferred to bank accounts or external wallets.

Free AO Coins = AO ATM Coins

Special AO Coins = AO Promo Coins

Yes. AO ATM coins can directly be purchased in the portal with the currency of your choice. There are also multiple payment methods through which the transaction can be done without any hassle. Once the payment is successful, purchased coins will be instantly credited in your ‘AO ATM Coins’ balance under ‘Wallet Summary’.
Yes. Rewards, earned or purchased in the form of coins, can be used by students for multiple purposes like paying fee to universities, agents, converting rewards to real-time currency by transferring to bank account, paying for the services consumed on AO portal, and more. However, depending on the type, some reward coins are bound to have restrictions in terms of usage and expiry.
In the upper right corner of your Apply Once dashboard, you can spot your smart crypto wallet. Besides displaying a clear structure of your rewards that are classified into Free AO Coins and Special AO Coins, the page gives an overview of your earned coins, their usage and expiry, recent transactions, etc. You can also transfer the coins into your bank account, external crypto wallet or make a payment to the university or agent.
Charges associated with crypto channels are significantly lower and 10X faster than regular banking mechanisms.
AO Smart Crypto Rewards wallet is ERC-20 wallet that runs on Ethereum based blockchain. Ethereum is one of the most popular and used networks for such purposes and it comes with immutability, security and authenticity which are intrinsic to blockchain as a technology. In a nutshell, your rewards wallet is safe and secure.
Yes. Providers and agents who are partners in AO ecosystem will accept their payments in the form of AO coins. However, if the receiving party is not convenient with this mode of payment, one can transfer to any bank account directly from AO portal.
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