Our mission and core values

To make education accessible, affordable and globally portable.

We are committed to accepting challenges and solving problems as a team while individually upholding the highest level of integrity.

Our story

For the last decade or so, the number of students preferring to study abroad has increased by leaps and bounds. This has been stimulated by international exposure, modernised teaching methods, improved job prospects and global recognition of degrees. However, aspects like informal counselling, unreliable overseas consultants, and a plethora of options can turn this dream into a challenge.

Before zeroing in on a foreign university, several factors such as the eligibility score in standardised English tests, a suitable country, budget, finance, duration, employability and cultural adaptation come into play for the student. As a result, many become victims of incomplete research and end up in a varsity of lower credibility. From an institution’s point of view, it is not easy to attract international students on campus without a hassle-free admission process and access to global student network. Agents and Counsellors are also in need of a single-point platform where they can connect with students and universities.

To address all these factors, Apply Once is the one-stop education portal that simplifies the study abroad search, application, acceptance and visa process by bringing together students, academic institutions, agents, and financial service providers onto a unified state-of-the-art platform.

Our proprietary, algorithm-driven, AI-powered search engine matches student profiles with the most relevant courses and institutions. By associating with Apply Once, universities can get connected with the global student community and agent networks through a digital platform powered by Blockchain technology. Coming to Agents and Counsellors, they get access to students and varsities across the world.


“A tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for all stakeholders involved”

When people are passionate, honest, practical and tenacious about working together as a team to ideate, design, implement and commercialise a product that can revolutionise an industry, something magical special happens. It fosters a culture that is pragmatic about solving problems and generous when helping others. The team at Apply Once is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for all stakeholders involved. With extensive experience, top-notch technical skills and rich market awareness, our team excels in designing and developing administrative and academic applications for education establishments.